A Gaze of Love

Stand at the foot of the cross
  and look up into the face of Jesus,¹
    gazing down in love upon you as He²
Did His mother and John ages
  and ages since, "This is your son,"
    and "This is your mother. Be as one!"
What in His face did they see?
  As He hung from all brokenness,
    a bloody brow, and many a bruise,
Jesus' gaze caught their own,³
  and held it long, with eyes a water,
    a greater light within them did glow.
But it was the narrowing eyes
  and radiating lines from the corners
    that sealed the deal and He went home.

Isaiah 53:3
John 19:25-27

¹"Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus," Helen
Howarth Lemmel

²Falling in love begins when we exchange
a look of recognition with another person
that invites us to do the same.

³"The Look of Love," Burt Bacharach and
Hal David

"Jesus looked at me with love, knowing my
heart inside and out, my failures better
than I admit them to myself, and yet He
still looked at me with indescribable love.

His look burned itself into my heart. I had
never seen or experienced such love, com-
municated by a mere facial expression. I
wanted forever to gaze into that face."

by J Alan R
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