A Heartbeat Away
If I survive*

I will indeed

Look upon this time**

And thank God

For doing a work in me

And seeing it to the end,***

As I enter glory

Or rise from this earthly heap

To live another day,****

Knowing death's knock

Was but a heartbeat away.*****

*I'm not literally in danger of
actually dying

**'this time,' meaning any of
life's trials

***Philippians 1:6

****any aspect of God's working
in me will either be completed
when I die and go to heaven, or
in the instance of my surviving
whatever trial and go on to live
my earthly life

*****'chemotherapy' is a race to
see who dies first, the cancer or
us... sometimes the cure is harder
on us than the illness, sometimes
the pain endured is necessary for
personal growth

Hebrews 13:5, "[God said] I will
never leave you or forsake you."

by J Alan R
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