A Little Lovin'

Borrowing from
     one of Papa's old recipes:
A little lovin'
     will work it's way
          through a whole batch of dough.

And just to be sure,
     don't forget:
No lovin'
     is greater than
          layin' down your life for friends.

Lord Jesus,
     we thank You:
For so lovin' us,
     for being so broken,
          the bread of life for us to eat.

Galatians 5:9, A little leaven works it's
way through the whole lump of dough.

John 15:13, There is no greater love
than to lay one's life down for their

Matthew 26:26, As they were eating,
Jesus took the bread, and after bles-
sing it, He broke it and gave it to the
disciples, saying: "Take and eat; this is
My body."

by J Alan R
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