A Savior Shall Come

As one mountain's feet crumble
     and is leveled to the ground,
Another's eager hands reach
     for the clouds in the sky,
So holiness may again shine,
     a new horizon's silhouette.

Then a Savior shall come.

The prominence of one brother
     will give way to the other,
While the former will drink deep,
     and do so without end,
So the latter may stoke the fires
     of Zion's final deliverance.

Then a Savior shall come.

Judged will be the mountains,
     present and are no more;
Possessed will be the fields,
     lowland and valley alike;
And the children of God will
     come crying in the wilderness.

Then a Savior shall come.

Obadiah 15-21

Included in the Parade
of Prophets 1 collection.

by J Alan R
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