All for Show

Lines that seem to sweep,
      par excellence, into the ages,
Unimpeded from front to rear,
     Lend a sense of motion perpetual.
A wondrous and rare machine,
     once with a bare-bones cabin,
Now lavished with seats so elegant
     anyone would find it beautiful.
A 60s E-type restomod extraordinaire,
     the original low-drag coupe,
This rig, the star, would be, of any show,
     but imagine the horror, the blow
Of lifting the more than glorious bonnet,
     only to find no engine there beneath.
It is true as well for the mechanical church,
     when it's all for show, with no go.

Pause and wonder!

What does it matter to honor God
     with beautiful words from your lips,
When your heart beats elsewhere
     than in the bosom which He equips.

Isaiah 29:9-14

by J Alan R
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