All Out Man

The wind within
     is not content
To be a breeze or gale
     in your life;
Not even a gust or squall
     from time to time
          will do.
The heart of God in you
     wants to be a storm
That drives you to your knees
That lifts up both your arms
That bows low your head
To fight the good fight
     to push back against
          the ramparts of sin.
The only question now is
     will you choose to be as
          God very much desires,
Sold out to His plan
     and to forever be His
          'all out' man?

*In 1873, preacher Henry Varley
told his good friend, preacher 
DL Moody: "The world has yet to
see what God will do through one
man whose heart is totally surren-
dered to Him." Moody answered
back, "I will be that man."

by J Alan R
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