Screams the owner.

And sad eyes look away
On a slinking head,
Nuzzling nothing but chin
Barely hiding a guilty grin;
A tail curls between
Hind legs aquiver,
And yet it seems not odd...
Evidence of cracking under
The weight of being caught

This can be us as well,
Just red-handed,
And maybe a bit
Tongue-tied too.
But why the long face?
We're not dogs,
Except for those
Of the hound variety,
When such is the case.

More like a child
Who's learned it works
When you tear up,
And make your accuser
Feel the bad.
Playing the victim
Scores points
In the race to
Shift the blame
Or flip the shame,
But lasts only a
Nano, if that.

It's the man
Who puts the dog out
When the wind blows south
And he wanted north,
Knowing full well
It's not the wind
That's the culprit,
But how he regards
The disappointment.

Count your blessings
You lucky dogs.
And be ready 
To flow as it blows.

by J Alan R

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