If an idle body
    is the devil's playground,
Why do we play there
    at all?
When we brave to climb the ladder
    to the top of his slide,
When we dare to wiggle our hips
    to fit in his strap swing,
When we even hang like a monkey
    on his tall jungle gym,
We put at the devil's disposal,
    for sure, our hands and feet,
         but he's playing for so much
              more...our very eyes on him.
And that's not all...he won't stop
    until he's captured us full, heart,
         mind and soul.

Awake fellow soldiers! Arise!
    It's a war we’re in, and worse
         we're the only true battlefield.
The devil's not playing,
    if we don't keep our eyes
         on God's heavenly prize,
              in graves we'll be staying.
Don't enter those gates!
    Raise the flag in His Name!
         You can't have both the Christ
              and the world’s pleasures as well.
So much depends upon
    being busy, all the time busy;
         look, look about you all round,
              this is the fight for your very life,
                   your last battleground.¹

Proverbs 16:27-29
Philippians 3:14-21, 4:8

¹inspired by AW Tozer

by J Alan R
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