Be Like Water #1
When poured out
Water flows to all lows,
Letting go its high ground
And coursing down
Softly, gently
Over all the rough,
A yielding fluid
Not hard and bumpy
Like a rolling rock.
Be like water
When forgiving,
When it poured
Down the cross,
Blessing cursers
Praying for hurters
And loving haters
By dying, if need be.

Be like water
When it finally pools
In one place
And dries there
Around your enemy

John 4:13-14, 7:37-39
Luke 6:28, 23:34
Revelation 22:1-2

Be Like Water #2
Be like water
When it rains
From the sky
And washes everything.

Be like water
When it pours
From a glass
And quenches thirst.

Be like water
When it streams
From a hose
And nourishes a garden.

Be like water
When it flowed
From Jesus' heart
And forgave all sin.

Be like water
When it springs
From God's Word
And saves mankind.

John 19:34
Ephesians 4:32

Be Like Water #3
Be like Water
A forever spring of It
Slaking the thirst
Of every parched tongue
In this sun-baked land
Until the last
Become first.

Isaiah 58:11
Matthew 20:16
John 7:37-38

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by J Alan R
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