Because We First Believed

The first act of faith,
     a gift from God,
Is to believe God,
     to believe He delivered up
          His only begotten Son,
And receive yet another
     gift from God,
And to believe God,
     to believe He raised up
          Jesus from the dead,
Proof of our forgiveness,
    not because of any work,
         but because we first

Genesis 15:6
Romans 4:3
Psalm 32:1-2
Romans 4:5-6
Romans 4:24-25
John 3:16

¹If Abraham was justified by faith,
then we all are to be justified
likewise. Abraham's salvation is
not a special dispensation by God
because of His faith. Abraham's
faith is the first example of how
all men are to be saved...sola fide.

by J Alan R
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