Becoming His Heavenly Men

Born again to be fast and light,
     dead to sin, alive to a new life,
Free of all that weighs us down,
     free to go and no more sin,
Free to be God's heavenly men.

Free from all that holds us back,
     free to roam, free to rest,
Free from shame, worry and doubt,
     free to love and free to go
Wherever our God does show.

Imagine it every dear brother,
     moving through this our life,
No earthly prison can hold us,
     He's kicked those doors open
And left every wall oh so broken.

Now instead of acting still like
     the prisoners we once were,
Let us fly to His radiant light
     And speed to our King then,
All becoming His heavenly men.

Romans 6:2
Galatians 5:1
Hebrews 12:1

by J Alan R
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