Before the Beginning

Before the beginning,¹ I Am.
In the beginning, I Am Here.
To the last beginning, This is Who I Am.
And for eternity,
     because of all that,
         We Will Be.

Through creation,
     we see God, His greatness
          and power.
Through judgement,
     we find God, His holiness
         and justice.
Through redemption,
     we feel God, His grace,
          mercy and love.
Through revelation,
     we will be with God,
          His eternal light, life
               and face,
And together we will reign
     forever and ever, without end.

Come Lord Jesus, come.

Genesis 1:1-3
Luke 15:11-14
John 8:48-59, 17:1-26
Ephesians 1:8-10
Revelation 22:1-15, 22:16-21

¹inspired by Leslie Koh in his
writing, "Why Did God Create a
World That He Knew Was Going to
Go Wrong Eventually?"; Amy K
Hall in her writing, "Why Did God
Create People if He Knew so Many
Would Go to Hell?"; Skycaptain50
in his sermon, "Safe and Sound in
a Dangerous World."

by J Alan R
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