From the Beginning

From the beginning
God had a dream
Where before Him
Stood a number
No one could count,
Singing to the Lamb of lambs
A new song.

Only You
Are worthy,
Slain in innocence
Once for all,
You alone are

From the beginning
God had a plan
Where His people
Would go
As he showed them,
Following the Lion of lions
Into a new age.

Only You
Are holy, 
Raised in power
Taken on high,
You alone are

From the beginning
God had us in mind
Where we would be His
True witnesses
Of all that is to be,
Worshipping the King of kings
Of the new Jerusalem.

Only You
Are glory,
Seated forever
Upon the throne,
You alone are


Genesis 1:1 and 12:1, Matthew 28:18+,
Acts 1:8, and Revelation 5:9 and 7:9

by J Alan R

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