And Still Believe
If I say I saw the sun rise this morning
To someone who did not see it do so,
Is it enough because it is high in the sky
To assume an actual rising took place?

If I wrote down I saw the sun rise today
For those to later read who did not see it,
Is it enough because it's written down
That readers this afternoon could believe?

If I had pictures of the sun rising years ago
For those who'd never seen the light of day,
Is it enough with its image clearly captured
To trust as if they had seen it themselves?

How many of you saw the Son rise yourself?
How many of you heard about it from others?
How many of you read what others had written?

Did you then assume it was true?
Did you then believe it happened?
Did you trust that He rose indeed?

What do we do with what the women said?
What do we do with Peter and John's words?
And what about what Thomas and Paul saw?

They all, and many more, saw and believed.
Blessed are those who don't see
and still believe.

John 20:10-18
Matthew 28-10
Luke 24:13-32
Acts 1:4-9, 2:32, 3:15, 10:41, 13,31
1 Corinthians 15

by J Alan R

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