Best for Last
A stranger in town
Just touched a guy with nasty skin
And it went away.


It just went away.

My friend's mom was sick
And that same guy came over;
All of a sudden
She got up and fixed us some grub.

What's with that?

Don't know, but those tacos were tasty.

A dude at the mall who couldn't walk
Was told by this same healer guy
To get up and walk
And he did, right out the front door.

He just got up?

Walked right past security.

I heard he healed this guy's hand at church,
I didn't see it myself,
But friends I trust saw it
And told me his hand was like new.

Who is this guy?

Not sure, but people are starting to follow him.

Then things started to get weird.
He made a really big storm stop.
The clouds went away, the winds died
And the sun came out.

He just told the storm to stop?

And it did. It just stopped.

Freaked us all out.
For the longest time,
We just stared at him.

Storms don't do what people say?

I know, right?

Thousands listened to him talk at least twice,
But instead of sending them home to eat
He made food practically out of thin air,
With huge piles of leftovers.

What do you mean?

Only one or two people brought food,
So he took that and fed everyone with it,
Until they were full.

How could he do that?

Later some little girl died at home,
But he said she was just sleeping.
He told her to wake up,
And she did, like nothing was the matter.

Was she dead, or just asleep?

She got up and started playing.
Everyone sure thought she was dead.

A very sick woman on the side of the road
Touched the hem of his clothes
As he walked past, going somewhere else,
And her bleeding stopped.


Yeh! Some kind of never-ending period
For so many years,
Even the healer stopped in his tracks.
I don't think he even knew she was there.

I was on the boat when he told us
To go ahead to the other side of the lake,
That he'd catch up with us later.
And he did, walking right across the waves.

He walked on water?

Yep! Just like he was on a road.
Came right out to us.
We thought we were seeing a ghost.

Are you sure?

He even told evil spirits to leave the possessed.
One time they went into livestock feeding nearby
And jumped off a cliff and drowned in the sea.

Folks there were so scared
They begged him to leave.

He raised a man four days after he died,
And he didn't smell bad at all.
The guy got up when he called his name
And came out, blinking in the sunshine.

Oh, hey, now wait! After four days?

Dead, buried, and quite ripe.
You could've heard a pin drop.
No one said a word.

By this time the government had enough
And they took the healer prisoner,
Tried him in a kangaroo court,
And killed him for his crimes.

Crimes? What crimes?

That's what we all wondered.
Something about being an enemy of the state
Or saying he was God.

God? He said he was God?
I don't know, I didn't hear him,
But his miracles said all I needed to hear.

And here's the gospel truth:
Three days later
He himself rose from the dead.

Hundreds and hundreds saw him after
Just walking around, eating and drinking
Just like before his execution.

This is unbelievable. I have no words.
I don't know what to think.
I don't know what to do.

Finally, he said he was going to leave us,
But that he'd be back someday,
And then he went right up into the sky
Like it was nothing, like he did it all the time.


Not like flying, mind you,
But like being lifted up,
And then he just waved goodbye.

It's not like we're going to forget him
Now that he's gone.
His spirit and what he taught us
Are still here, deep inside.

And now we wait for the day
When he'll return, that is
All of us who believe
He was more than a man,
To take us up to be with him,
The miracle of miracles,
The best for last.

John 6:2

"A massive multitude continually followed Jesus
because they were constantly seeing the mighty
signs He was performing...mighty deeds that auth-
enticated the fact that God was with Jesus, that
God was Jesus in human form."

by J Alan R

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