Peter walked there,
he knew,
the regal revelations
of the highest of high
and the whispering wiles
of the lowest of low;
a lifelong road
of truth v.s. lies
calling him
to and fro.

Paul walked there as well,
he should know,
the good he wanted
but did not do
and the evil he did
but wanted not;
his long journey
a life of choosing
and ever warring
of ought and naught.

And so there too
we now walk,
the God of the universe
and His kingdom call
and the prince of this world
and his deadly dare;
our straight and narrow
decisions to make
to turn to Him or not
toward eternity fair.

Matthew 16:13-23 
Romans 7:15-20; 8:1-8
Ephesians 6:10-20

by J Alan R

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