Bleed or Flee

Bloodied or known no more?

No time to man the fort.
Too late to watch the road.
Well past girding your flanks.

The enemy's swords glitter in the
Their chariot wheels rumble over
     rock-strewn ground.
Their horse's hooves clop as they
     gallop down the city street.
The noise of whips and warrior yells
     you will not greet.

Bodies beyond number lay broken.
Countless corpses no longer cry.
Blood runs like rivers in the pouring
It shall come to pass
     that all who look upon you
          will exclaim aghast:
The once pretty city disfigured now.
Bloody, smoldering, thrashed.

Or would you rather travel
     chained together in a train,
Stumbling in your long walk
     from what you called home,
Your palaces dissolved,
     and your walls behind strewn
          like mere rocks on the ground.
Empty, desolate, ruin.

I AM against you.
One way or the other,
I will lift your skirts
     over your heads,
And show the world
     your sinful nakedness.
Unbelievable filth
     will be upon you.
You will be vile to all eyes
     that see,
Or they will never know
     you were ever there.
Bleed or flee.

You choose.
I AM against you.

Nahum 2 and 3

Included in the Parade of Prophets
7 collection.

by J Alan R
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