Bride No More
My bride:

You revere your beauty,
Making it a shrine for all
     to more than see.

You take what I gave you,
More than any other by far,
     and feed it to shame.

You sacrifice your own, 
Leaving them in the market, 
     only to be slain.

You take strangers instead
Of the husband you married,
     defiling your bed. 

You take no money for charms
Offered to many for free,
     but pay others galore. 

Your name is on every street
And though you would deny?
     it is too on many a sheet. 

I leave you to the dogs
     who care not for your heart. 

I judge you as a murderer
     of more than sacred wedlock. 

I send you to jealous lovers
     whose fury will tear you asunder. 

And in the end, I will depart, 
     and be silent forever. 

You will be My bride no more

Ezekiel 17

by J Alan R
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