But Only From Him
Love that makes no worldly sense,
Forgiveness more than hard...
A livid father
Forgives his daughter's rapist,
A grieving mother
Forgives her child's murderer,
A paralyzed girl
Forgives a driver's recklessness
A troubled son
Forgives his molester's betrayal,
A bankrupt store owner
Forgives an arsonist's fire,
A beleaguered cop
Forgives a teen's insolence,
An innocent prisoner
Forgives his accuser's lies,
A freed slave
Forgives his master's beatings,
A Holocaust survivor
Forgives his captor's torment,
And Jesus the Christ
Forgives us all our sins'
Love that makes otherworldly sense,
Forgiveness not from within,
But only from Him.
by J Alan R

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