Called Out of the Festal Blue

Consider Saul of Kish.
Who knew seeking lost donkeys,
 would lead to being anointed king
  over the people of God’s lost nation?
Who knew but the God of Israel,
 who wanted alone to be their king,
  but granted anyway their blind request?
The man who sought God's word
 got much more than he bargained,
  it was his Lord's own, His so chosen,
   not a mere man's asses, he'd rescue.

Consider fellow believers.
What would you do, my brothers all,
 called and sent out of the festal blue,*
  to chart a different course, a new life?
What would you say, all my sisters,
 even if God made it so very very clear,
  He wanted you to seek a new tomorrow?
Would we hide away like Saul, chained
 to the baggage of the only life he knew,
  fears we won't measure up, dark doubts
   are we actually hearing God's command.

Consider other witnesses.
Will we wait to be dragged to the light,
 will we wait until God chooses another,
  will we lay aside every hindering weight?
Though the cloud of witnesses around
 may not inspire us to leap with our faith,
  those who have run ahead or even flown,
Looking only to the face of our Jesus,
 ignoring every squall and loud thunder,
  braving every step across dark waters,
   knowing all power comes from only Him.

1 Samuel 9, 10
Hebrews 12:1-3
Matthew 14:22-33

*inspired by a guest sermon by Pastor Nuno
Ornales, 6/25/23, Mission Community Church

by J Alan R
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