Came a King
Along a dirt road
I walked one eve
As the sun signaled "uncle!"
To the blackening horizon
In its daily tug of war,
Leaving red ribbon reminders
Draped loosely across the sky.

Faces and places of the day
One by one to the roadside went
While fresh thoughts rose anew
And sidled in amongst the stars
Waiting for their heavenly cue
A one and a two and a...
Duet with the moon.

Came a trumpet blast!
Not too far behind and down the road
Blanking to white my walking notions
I turned, and oh, I won't forget:
Tongues of fire leaping to and fro
Drum beats building to a deafening roll--
A cacophony of might swept forward
by a ghostly cloud.

As it all drew nearer, rolling well on
I could finally see, they were horses
Their hoof beats drumming rhythmic
With riders, now more plain to me
Hoisting flickering lamps so ever high
And they galloped, no threat in mind
Staying just ahead of their hungry dust.

Nearer still and leading the way
Upon the grandest of steeds born white
Came a king, freshly torn of war
A king of kings, a ruling scepter bearing
A lord of lords, riding faithful and true
His many crowns upon his brow set gleaming
His ruby robe train behind sure streaming.

As the king passed, with only the slightest nod
"Victory!" his sharp sword proclaiming 
A cortege of white clad warriors strode
Following behind on pearly mounts of their own,
Sounding bold trumpets of hammered silver
Bearing aloft the Word of the king's mouth
Offering still to die for the sake of his name.

And finally, at the long retinue's end, came a horse
A riderless white horse, yet saddled to bear
And from the calvary front the king called me:
"Come! Wear my disgrace, carry my blood!
Tend my sacred fire, proclaim my gospel true!
Follow me!  My holy nation, my armies right!" 
And by grace I now ride, what about you? 

by J Alan R
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