Under the fading flicker
of the morning's bright stars
a stranger entered our camp
and pitched his tent
among ours.

As he unfolded his modest canvas
a simple tarp you see
we found ourselves quite willing
rushing headlong to help
to see it done properly.

We lifted it high
and stretched it out
corner to corner tight.
We spread it over upright poles
and pounded in the stakes
lashing it just right.

And then he called us to breakfast
over a fire of fish, and bread
burning coals and beckoning smoke
"...and bring your catch," he said.

As the day dawned
having had our fill
the stranger suddenly stood
headed up the trail
and was gone over the hill,
but his fire burned still before us
warming us to the core
and then at once we knew
with Whom we had been camping
Who now guarded eternity's door.

We knew it would soon be time
for us to follow
to head up that trail as well
and finaly go over that hill
toward a heavenly tomorrow.

 by J Alan R

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