Seed coats,
     hard or soft,
          thick or thin,
Cover baby plants,
     all curled up inside,
          just waiting to be
Released to grow,
     like our infant souls,
          reaching for eternity.

When the seed coat
     dies and is buried, and
          rots and finally falls away,
It's not the end, but
     a new life beginning,
          all roots and shoots
Springing from the
     scars and marks left from
          the coat's long quest for fruits.

And that's the mystery,
     for when you plant a seed,
          life cannot come unless it dies.
The seed coat you sow
     is not the body to come,
          but the flesh to first perish,
So the soul of man
     may be raised immortal,
          a body Heaven can cherish.

1 Corinthians 15:20-58

by J Alan R
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