In sight of His chosen,
Throughout the wilderness,
Clouds covered up God's glory. 

Whenever the clouds lifted up 
       They knew it was time 
              to move on, to follow 
                     wherever it might go. 
But if the clouds did not lift up, 
       they knew to stay still
              for however long or short
                     as God so wanted. 

In sight of His children,
From the lofty mountain top,
Clouds ascended with God's glory. 

But before He departed
       Jesus told them to wait, 
              for water was one thing,
                     the Holy Spirit's another. 
You shall receive power
       when the Holy Spirit comes,
              then you shall be witnesses
                     to all the ends of earth.

In sight of His own,
From wherever we stand,
Clouds will bring God's glory back. 

As the angels did say
       this same Jesus will return
              the same way He left, in the
                     clouds that took Him up. 
They will see the Son of Man
       coming back in the clouds
              with great power and glory
                     to take His elect home. 

Jesus, Lord, Son of Man, 
       clouds tell the story,
              they were, they are, 
                     and they will always
                            behold God's glory.

Exodus 49:34-38
Luke 21:27
Acts 1:9-11
Revelation 22:17 & 20

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by J Alan R
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