The Golden Cord

The golden cord,
let down from heaven
so plain to see, 
called my heart
"Take hold of me."

That peaceful length,
a bond from on high
a love so right,
urged my grip
"With all your might."

Then corrupt clouds of chaos
choked black the skies above
calling forth a throaty gasp,
while a taloned tempest
tore frantic at my grasp.

Lethal lazers of light
licked hot upon my will
leaving doubt I could last,
while a pesty pouring
pried loose my fingers fast.

My mercy rope,
God's tow in the sky
slipping away,
bid me still
"Try as you may."

But at the end
as I let go
my rope, you see
was a hand instead
hanging on to me.

Ephesians 4:3
Romans 15:5
Matthew 28:20

by J Alan R

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