Creeks and Berries,
and Salamanders Too
Nothing quite so boy
As walking through a knee-high creek
     with a white pail swinging to and fro,
Picking berries black fresh off the vine
     and kerplunk they're s'posed to go,
But get smooshed by teeth and then
     drinking the juice instead, real slow.

Nothing quite so boy
As searching with plastic bag in hand
     the banks every eddy swirling rare,
Turning stones over with a sturdy stick
     and finding salamanders hiding there,
Then taking them home to be sink pets
     'til mom screams, followed by a swear.

Nothing quite so God
As creeks and berries,
     and salamanders too,*
And little boys who see
     His creations just
          a bit askew.

*from one friend to another...remember our
all-day treks up the creek near your house...
rain or shine, it was a time more than sublime.
by J Alan R
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