Crouching Lion*

Believers true
Don't you know
There's a lion inside you
Bent oh so low,
Crouching near your heart,
Awaiting word you must give,
Ready to leap since the start,
Into your life to begin to live:
"Jesus, living in me,
Please now, oh Lord, 
I Pray, live me."

Psalm 10:9, Acts 1:8, 1 Corinthians 6:19,
1 John 4:15

*When we believe, when we confess Jesus
as the Son of God, His Spirit, the Spirit of God,
comes to reside in us, but it is not until we
accept His second gift, His invitation, to live in
our stead, to live our lives through us, that the
Lion of Judah leaps from the den in our hearts
and begins to pounce through us, in love, onto
others around us.

 by J Alan R

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