A Shepherd Girl Danced
The glory of the Lord
Filled the dark night
As shepherds with their flocks
Watched with great fright.
"Behold!" said an angel
"No need to fear
For on this good day
God has come near."

And somewhere in their midst
a shepherd girl danced.

Voices of many angels
Poured from the sky
As shepherds, eyes so wide
Watched heaven's host sigh.
"Look for this precious sign:
A babe bound tight
Cradled in a manger--
Salvation in sight."

And again among their number
a shepherd girl danced.

The promise of God's peace
Showed hearts the way
As shepherds searched in haste
For the place where He lay.
"Look!" the shepherds told
"Born this day to men
A Son to us is given
To save us from our sin."

And in the streets of Bethlehem
A shepherd girl danced.

God's gracious goodwill
Came upon both man and beast
As shepherds, robed in great thanks
Sang praises for the promised feast.
"A godly gift in common cloth
A King set forevermore--
Good news to all mankind
A truth none can ignore."

And before the little Lord,
A solitary leaping heart
Timbrel held tight,
A shepherd girl danced
With all her might.

Luke 2:8-20; 2 Samuel 6:14;
Psalms 30:11 and 149:3

by J Alan R

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