Deepest Cries

From where come the deepest cries?

The hollow of emptiness?
The pit of frustratedness?
The abyss of helplessness?

A baby's tears say, it's time to feed.
An adult's tears say, "I'm so in need."
All tears at least say, please, intercede.

The deepest cries blast off like rockets,
     no matter the counter or countdown.
The deepest cries burst through like water,
     wrecking the best dams around.
The deepest cries gush up like hot oil,
     too long held captive underground.

Though the hardest I've ever cried
Is when I think what would happen
If deepest cries meet only other deepest cries,
Who answers, who runs to be by their side?

Out of the depths,
     I cry to You,
          oh Lord.

Psalm 130:1
Jonah 2:2

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by J Alan R
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