In the Desert Place

In the desert place
His children watched
the cloud of His presence.

In the desert place
they waited long
on the pillar of His promise.

In the desert place
they wanted only to follow
along the path of His great power.

In the desert place.

In the desert place
we must do no less,
accepting with all our hearts
that we too must stand
when His cloud lifts up,
accepting with all our minds
that we too must move on
when His cloud sets out,
accepting with all our souls
that we too must stay
when His cloud settles down.

In the desert place.

And for this very now
this present day
His cloud has not lifted up
so here 
I must stay,
His cloud has not set out
so His will
must be the way,
And His cloud has not settled down
so it's no
without His say.

In the desert place.

by J Alan R

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