Divine Dialogue

When I became one of God's own,
He placed deep within
A compulsion, a yearning
To talk with Him,
A longing to commune,
To have divine dialogue┬╣
     of the heart.

And when I do,
With Him commune,
His Holy Spirit breathes through me,
Invisible sighs from my soul
Lifted up,
And leaning my heart's ear
Softly into the silence,
I hear His love
Lent down.

He speaks,
Sometimes words audible,
But mostly, notions not my own,
Then in Him
I live and move
And just be,
No matter the hell
Swirling about to steal
His peace from me,
And I rest
Needing nothing more,
All I need is Thee.

Matthew 21:21
Acts 17:28
Psalm 19:14

┬╣inspired by an article entitled
"Divine Dialogue," by Anne Costa.

by J Alan R
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