Do the Math

The fear of zero creeps
While faith in one
Does the math and says:
Nothing will never come.

Minus work
And the ability to,
No more money...
What's a man to do?

Naked I came
Naked I will go,
Bless His Name
This I know.

Minus friends and neighbors
And extra family too,
No more vacations...
What's a man to do?

Accept the good
Along with the bad,
Praise Him we should
And be glad.

Minus house and home
And new car too,
No more toys...
What's a man to do?

As I've breath in me
Yet will I say,
All thanks to Thee
This I pray.

Minus wife and kids
And all pets too,
No more bedtime stories...
What's a man to do?

The Lord gives
And He takes away,
As this flesh lives
All glory to You I say.

Minus health and pride
And sound mind too,
No more anything...
What's a man to do?

The calculation I fear,
There's nothing but nothing,
Turns out it's not true.
My faith's still left
And there's nothing but You.

Do the math
No zero here,
Just One
And nothing to fear.

References to The Book of Job

 by J Alan R

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