Dry Thistle

Does it not weary God
    when with knives against
         your throat, your heart shakes
              like a forest in a raging storm...
Does it not weary God
    when enemies at your door
         threaten to chop you to stub,
             shaking limbs beyond the norm...
He offers you a sign
    that if only you believe
         no harm will fall on you,
              but you feign faith instead?
Should it not be a clue
     when in person anyway
          He sends you that sign,
               in the form of daily bread?
Behold, a virgin will bear a Son
     and on his broad shoulders He
          will rescue you and your land,
               Immanuel with you, the only One.
But for now He will whistle
    for the fly and the bee to come
        to make your valleys so desolate,
            to make you feed upon dry thistle.

Isaiah 7

by J Alan R
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