Everlasting Harmony

His blood cries out from beneath
The place of the skull in Jerusalem
The sand floor of the Coliseum’s arena
The wind-swept deserts of the Sahara
The golden-wheat plains of Hispania
The limestone chunks across Palestine
The killing fields of Confuscianism
The ground beneath French guillotines
The forests floor of Hamidian massacres
The boots of marauding Bolsheviks
The red-stained rainforests of the Congo
The palms strewn in the streets of Tanna
The leveled churches across Sri Lanka
The heads left in the streets of Raqqa
And so many other bloody lands since.

His blood cries out, not for vengeance
But for a nobler cause, more gracious
Mercy, forgiveness and reconciliation
For a new world united by one true King.
Won't you listen?
Can't you hear?
Shall we together agree?

In one Jesus Christ
     our only chance for
         an everlasting harmony.

Genesis 4:10
Deuteronomy 21:1-9
Hebrews 12:24

by J Alan R
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