The truth is
     grief lies when it says
          it's neverending. 
The good news is
     God tells the truth;
          it's our hearts He wants
               for evermending.*¹
*God tells the truth when He tells us that He will be with us
through it all and will comfort us. He loves us and wants the
best for us. He will provide us with a hope that better days
are ahead, that the pain will not last forever. He is a healer.
He is in control of everything. Nothing happens that happens
without His ok, or without a good reason. And despite any 
loss, we still have much to be thankful for, many blessings, 
and even more will come in due time. There are also those
whom God has prepared to be a part of our lives at this time 
to comfort and support us. God will restore joy and peace in
our lives.

¹16 Bible Verses About Grief to Help You Cope With a Loss. 
Jackie Frere, May, 2020

by J Alan R
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