Everyman's Question

Why do the wicked
     escape Your judgement,
          unscathed, even for a time?
Why are those who do evil
     allowed for even a moment
          to wear pride like a necklace?
Why do Your enemies
     prosper before Your children,
           and their boasts walk the earth?

Even your brothers, the Lord says,
     have dealt treacherously with you,
          did you want them devoured as well?
Your father's house curses you,
     leaving you to be eaten by lions,
          did you want them slaughtered too?
Those who call you kin in your ears,
     but call multitudes down on your head,
          did you want them trampled flat?

Why does the way of the wicked prosper?
Why are evil people so happy to do harm?
Why do the sinful bear even a single fruit?

If you have only marched with the infantry,
How can you stay with galloping horses?
If there is always peace across the land,
How will you know how to respond in war?
If others speak only smooth words to you,
How will you know they're bent to deceive?

God's answer: As the Lord lives,
  there will come a day when He will return
    and have compassion on His people,
       and bring them back to His holy land,
And if their captors and oppressors
   learn and live the ways of God's people
     and swear by His holy precious name,
       they too can enjoy the Promised Land.

Jeremiah 12
Psalm 73
Habakkuk 1:2-4

by J Alan R
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