Everything He Said

Made alive to God
     by Jesus
To live for God
     through Jesus,
Not by any man,
     even myself,
Nor through any man,
     especially myself,
But through God
     to bring God glory
To live by faith
     in who Jesus was, is,
          and will be
     in what Jesus did, does,
          and will do,
Not by any effort
     of my own,
But by the power
     Who lives in me,
Trusting and obeying
     everything He said.

Galatians 2:19

...salvation is provided through
the death and resurrection of
Christ, so that I might from now
on 'live to God'

...because I have been crucified
with Christ, it is no longer I
who live, but Christ who lives
in me

...the life I now live in my
body/the body of Christ, I live
by faith in the Son of God, who
loves me and gave Himself up
for me

...living for/in Christ is abid-
ing in, adhering to, relying on,
and completely trusting in Him

by J Alan R
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