Ezekiel's Vision
God is here,
He is near;
He sees all we do, 
Hears all we say. 

Standing in His light,
We say it is dark, that 
He does not know, and
Does not care. 

We weep for what 
We think walls say. 
We turn our backs,
We look away. 

With censers in hand,
We face the eastern sun,
We worship what we can
We feign humility. 

Lest we provoke, and 
Make Him go far away, 
Lest we cry out, and
He will not hear us,

Let us dig in the walls
So we may better leave
Abominations behind
Doors that should not be. 

Let us turn back
And once again see
Ezekiel's vision 
As plain as can be.

Ezekiel 8

by J Alan R
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