Fast Pressed

They love us back because we first
     loved them.
They know they're safe because we first
     protected them.
They know they belong because we first
     belonged to them.

We know they love and are awed by us
     when from the floor far, far below
They raise their arms up to us in silence,
     opening and closing their tiny hands,
They want to be picked up to see the view
     from where we stand and to feel our
          heart beat too.

We know they couldn't possibly love us
     more, and would never settle for less,
When they look into our face, the prize
     of our souls, the main focus for their
          searching eyes.

And we know they want nothing more
     than us, when after moments of shifting
          and settling too, they finally rest
Their head upon our shoulder, and breathe
     in and out, their face fast pressed.

1 John 4:19

by J Alan R
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