Fight the Good Fight
Fighting a life-long foe
Who hides in the rags
Of pretenders in the ring,
Who stalk your every turn
With feints that ever lie,
Who drain dry your will
To go toe to toe,
Is all the more difficult
When we clinch with lies
Loosed from every corner:
"You don't belong,"
"You don't matter,"
"You're not safe," and
"Who the hell cares?"

Sweaty panic shakes the deck
Rusted ropes guard all exits,
Nothing but fast-locked doors
Await every notion to retreat.

"Break!" said the Ref,
Extending His arm between,
"And fight the good fight!"

Psalm 40
Isaiah 59:16, 63:5
Hebrews 10:5
1 Timothy 6:12

by J Alan R

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