For Us All

By the greatest love¹
     this world has known,
He will draw us all to His side,
He will gather us all before Him,
He will reconcile every one of us;
Every knee will bend,
Every head will bow,
Every tongue will confess,
Some gladly and willingly,
While in great fear and trembling
          will the rest.²

John 12:32, 15:13
Colossians 1:19-20
Ephesians 1:10
Philippians 2:10
Romans 14:11

¹it wasn't the nails that held Jesus
to the cross, but His love for us; it
wasn't the Romans who drove Jesus
up Calvary, but His love that carried
His cross there; it wasn’t the cruel
hands that beat upon Jesus’ flesh,
but His love that welcomed every lash
...for us all

²this does not mean, however, we will
all spend forever with Him in Heaven
...those whose hearts remained hard
and chose Him not during their time,
will instead spend forever apart from
Him...that will be the true hell of Hell

by J Alan R
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