Forever Tomorrows

Pallid are the faces
     of those who never knew
When God first saw
     the wickedness of man
          was great upon the earth,
               that every heart was evil,
He said to Noah:
     "Many waters must 
          flood this world."

Blanched are the lips
     of those who never heard
When God knew well
     the perversion of Canaan,
          the rejection of His truth,
               the depravity of the land,
He said to Joshua:
     "All such flesh must
         die by your hand."

Staring are the eyes
     of those who never saw
The eyes of God turn
     away from His only Son
          dying on a Roman cross;
               behold the sins of all time,
And Jesus at last said:
     "They do not know what they do.
          Forgive them."

God is not just loving,
     He is the embodiment of it,
But He is also holy,
     the utter absence of evil,
And that's where we,
     loved by Him, but also
Marred by sin, come in;
     God so wants with us,
Please understand, nothing
     but forever tomorrows.

Genesis 6
Joshua 6
John 19:28-30

*It is difficult for modern-day people
(believers and non-believers alike) to
understand the truth of God's actions
in the context of Old Testament stories
like Noah's Ark and the taking over of
the Promised Land, and in the New Tes-
tament the redemptive crucifixion of
Jesus Christ.

We hear about God being the embodi-
ment of love, but we are struck by the
violence of His judgement. We see a
world where all its people are drowned,
except for a select few kept safe in a
big boat.

We see an ancient land of people mind-
ing their own business, who suddenly
face complete and utter annihilation
by a people who are strangers to them.
And we see an innocent young man, al-
leged to be God's only begotten Son,
beaten, crucified and left to die a hor-
rible death all alone.

by J Alan R
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