From Old, From Everlasting

They do not know
     the thoughts of the Lord.
They do not understand
     His counsel.
They cannot hear
     the words from His mouth.
He does not speak
     to them at all.

They gather
     against you.
They desire
     to defile you.
They wish
     to possess you.
And for a time, to them
     you shall be delivered.

You know
     what the Lord has said.
You ignored
     what He taught.
 You left
     the land of His love.
So, to Babylon
     you must go.

When you again
     cry out to Me,
When you remember
     who is your King,
When you cherish
     My counsel,
I will gather you
     in Zion once more.

Hear Me clear!
Hear Me now!
Hear Me forever!
Out of you will come
     From Old, From Everlasting.

Blessed is His name.

Micah 4:9-13
Micah 5:1-5

Included in the Parade of Prophets
6 collection.

by J Alan R
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