From the Start

With dreams of someday
   golden buzzering the AGT,
      alley-oop dunking in the NBA,
         belting out Broadway stoppers,
            even en pointing at the Bolshoi,
The hardest thing
   is knowing when
      to let the ball go,
         to turn the mic off,
            to let the curtains close,
               or to hang up the slippers.

When all the chasing slows,
   or comes to a standstill stop,
      and moving ahead is no more,
The time has perhaps arrived
   to let go of that which is wanted
      and let God do through all of us
         what He planned from the start.┬╣

Jeremiah 29:11 

┬╣From the day I was born again, called
to follow Jesus Christ as my Lord and
Savior, I wanted to be a church pastor.
I prepared for the day I thought would
surely come, when I would stand in a
church's pulpit and lead a congregation,
but those plans always seemed to fall
short, no matter what I did to make it
happen. It has only been the last few
years that I realized I was getting in
God's way with my plans for working for
His kingdom. I was forcing my plans and
sadly sidelining what He wanted for and
from me before I was ever born. He made
me to write, and writing for Him is what
I now do, that's my ministry, and those
who read my writing are my congregation,
much bigger than any I could reach from
the confines of one church.

by J Alan R
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