Go Away!

These do not just disobey Me
These do not just ignore Me
These do not just forget Me
These do not just reject Me
They dig a hole in the ground
     to bury Me.

They are beyond hopeless,
     so they say.
They will instead walk
     their own way.
They choose still waters
     over the flowing.
They travel pathways,
     not highways going.

Let it then be
     famine for their children
     and by force of the sword
          pour out their blood,
     all wives become widows
     by battles in fierce war
          put their men to death,
     and cries from every house
     will fill the oh so still air
          so many buried there.

I am the Potter
     Who can fix
          misshapen clay,
But will not when
     the cup and saucer
          say, 'Go away!'

Jeremiah 18

by J Alan R
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