God and Us

God made us to be with Him,
But God is holy and we
     are not.
Sinners are not miscible
     in a court of God.
Sin has no testimony
     to gain a judge's nod.

More than fire and water
And hate and love,
     or even dark and light,
Try to understand:
Pizza topped
     with chocolate,
Flies landing
     on potato salad,
And first dates
     and barbecue.
See what I mean?
Get my drift?
Need I say more?

Bacon on ice cream. 
Orange juice and toothpaste.
Politics and honesty.
Get it?
You sure?
How about
Cheerleaders cheering
     in a library?
Bulls running
     in a China shop?
Or, catsup dripping
     over a stack of pancakes?

We need a witness,
     we need a rescue
Someone to testify
     in God all opposites
          can surely be true,
But none more than
     us forever with our God
          and no matter how odd...
Except for perhaps
     a power outlet
          and a utensil or two.

Psalm 99

by J Alan R
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