God Says I'm a Keeper

Counter high to momma in the kitchen
      Mixing and pouring batter all about,
She would more than often most insist:
     "Ya gotta throw the first waffle out!"

Being the firstborn of her hungry brood
     I wondered if, and being oh so brave,
When making waffles, she thought of me,
     Ladled out as well, from griddle to grave.

I have since learned that God Almighty
     particularly prefers the firsts of ones,
Pouring out His grace like maple syrup,
     As over every pocket it sweetly runs.

And I have chosen to embrace His view,
     the way He sees me, as My redeemer,
As a child saved through His only Son.
     Sorry momma, God says I'm a keeper.

John 14:6

by J Alan R
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