God's Got This

How reassuring
     when you check after lunch and
          there's no food stuck in your teeth.

How reassuring
     when you pat for keys to the car
          and you hear your pocket jingle.

How reassuring
     when you open your wallet wide
          and the cash you need's still there.

How about
     ...when someone lets you down,
          and you hear, God's got this?
     ...when you've really blown it,
          and you say, God's got this?
     ...when your dreams don't come true,
          and you feel, God's got this?

It's not quite the same is it?
Why is that?
What does it take,
     like when you see
          you're phone's not gone,
               to know, God's got this?!

Romans 8:28

by J Alan R
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