God's Grace put Simply

When you wake up from a night's sleep,
God's Grace waits to be part of your day,
To hear you say little more than:
"Good Morning, Lord!"

When you rise from your now ruffled bed,
God's Grace is His own hand so extended
For you to take in yours and ask:
"Where to today, Lord?"

When you see Jesus sitting on your couch,
God's Grace sits with His Bible wide open,
Gesturing to come sit, saying:
"This is the Word of God."

When the Holy Spirit again fills your soul,
God's Grace stands you up on your feet,
Pointing you to the door, saying:
"Greet all with a holy kiss!"

When you drive into the teeth of the day,
God's Grace, like a river headlong rushing,
Carries you in His arms, promising:
"I am always with you."

When God's work for the day is complete,
God's Grace welcomes you back home,
With arms ready to hug, saying:
"Well done, my child."

And when your head falls upon your pillow,
God's Grace gently closes your tired eyes,
And whispers in your ear:
"Rest, we've got a big day

*God's grace is a spiritual free gift from
God Himself, often described in expressions
like "unmerited favor" and "undeserved kind-
ness." It is essentially His love and mercy
and goodness and kindness all wrapped toget-

None of us can earn it, but we all have the opportunity to receive it. He pours it all
around us all day every day. He rains it
down over us like a constant warming and
refreshing Spring shower. God's Grace is lit-
erally every spiritual blessing.

by J Alan R
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