God's Love

We must turn with Moses,
To see this great sight, this bush,
Though flames lick fast its tender limbs,
It is not consumed, not burned up...

There's a passion that burns hot red,
but does not consume, when lovers,
craving the sound of one another's voices,
can't imagine letting a late night dalliance
over the phone ever come to an end.

God's love is like that.

There's a passion that flames hot white,
but does not consume, when spouses,
desiring to bare their deepest souls,
choose to not hide anything, so trusting
their hearts in the safest of hands.

God's love is like that.

There's a passion that blazes hot blue,
but does not consume, parents to kids,
willing to put everything on the line,
stand ready to pay the ultimate price,
sacrificing their very lives if need be.

God's love is like that.

What Moses found,
     and we will as well:
God's love is like many lions,
Each flame roaring more ferocious
     than the one before,
Tasting its branches and every
     leafy delicacy,
But never eating them up,
Allowing them to leaf again.

God's love is like that,
     and will always be.

Exodus 3:1-14, 31:18

*'Kekalotho', used in Exodus 31:18 and
33:11, to describe the nature of God's
talking with and communing with Moses
during the 40 day period he was with God
atop Mount Horeb, wrapped in thick clouds,
resting in God's very presence, listening
to His teachings, and living more safely
than ever far above the Israelite encamp-
ment in the desert.

What gets lost in the various translations
of the Bible into English is that God wasn't
just speaking with Moses, He was sharing His
heart like a groom would share with his bride,
like a husband would share with his wife, like
a father would share with his child, like being
part of a nearly completely consuming pas-
sion...but so much more, so much greater, so
much deeper than we humans are likely to
ever know.

No wonder Moses was glowing when he finally
came down from the mountain. During the
whole time with God, Moses experienced a
love beyond any he had ever known, and
would ever know again.

by J Alan R
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